Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taking a Long Time to get a Short Ride

Me and Brandon went on a ride today. Neither of us felt like getting on the road bikes, and the rain yesterday put mountain biking out of the question, so we ended up going with Door 3 and taking the mountain bikes on a road ride.
We started off without any destination in mind and after wandering around for an hour and riding down some embankments and stuff we ended up hanging out at Austinbikes for a while.
After we were done there we started heading somewhat in the direction of campus, but ran into Stack pretty much as soon as we left. Some interesting riding maneuvers took place and we ended up at Stacks house hanging out and chatting with him and Rosie for an hour or so before finally heading home just in time to beat the sunset.
Long story short, I left my casa at 3:15, got back at 6:15, and got a grand total of one and a half hours of ride time in.
It was a good ride for before the Mas O Menos, but now there have been some complications and I don't have anyone to ride down with anymore, so there is a chance I'm not going anymore... At least I have an awesome back up plan if it does end up falling through!

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