Friday, March 5, 2010

Following my Usual Habits

I have a test in 25 minutes, so I once again declare it blog time.

Last weekend was the first XC race of the year at Warda. Following a rough week in studio* I decided to race singlespeed so I could have a shorter race and hopefully get back to the ATX a little earlier to get some more work done. Nothing too special, I got 4th. Might have been able to do 3rd if I had slept any the week before. I won a sweet yellow ribbon and flaschenoeffner though!
*Two all-nighters and two most-of-the-night-ers

The A+M "road" race is this weekend. I kind of want to do it, but at the same time I've heard too many stories of people breaking carbon frames on the course (and I could really use the extra day in studio), so I'm skipping out on Saturday and just driving up for the crit on Sunday. Should be good.

Studio is going good now. Last week my project completely changed twice, result in the longer than normal studio hours, but it's mostly figured out now, and mid-semester review is Wednesday, so I think I'm looking good for that.