Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's not about the money...

My weekend was pretty busy. Friday we had to go to Dallas for architecture. And of course, being the School of Architecture, they didn't feel like organizing transportation for us, and we ended up driving ourselves there.
Coincidentally, I had other business in Dallas on Saturday, so having to make the drive wasn't as big of a hassle as it could have been.
Anywho, the part of Dallas we went to is one that I have only been to one other time. (For a concert, long time readers may remember the time I got the time I got a beer poured on my head. That show.) And isn't a part of Dallas I care to go to too often. Nevertheless it will be an interesting place to work with in studio this semester.

(There was a long boring part here about the weather or something. I took it out because it was so uninteresting...)

We got some crazy rain about an hour ago:

Hopefully the roads won't be too wet tomorrow... I cleaned all of my bikes instead of riding today.

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Boobish Manny said...

very niz red streep like stake meat... so niz wather...