Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Class Day #1

Today was the first day of classes, and all I had on my schedule was design. The typical first day for that involves the professors introducing themselves followed by us writing down the order we would prefer to have them in. Then we go get coffee while they figure out who has which professor. Then they put the lists up and we go introduce ourselves to them, hear a little about what we're going to be doing through the semester, and then we're done.

Anyway, I got my first choice professor, and it is going to be a great semester! The first couple weeks we're working on some projects that we are going to take out and put on display at a festival in Marfa! After that no one knows. But Jack (my professor) said that "as long as we can go there with this [field trip release form] signed and not go to jail, [he's] up for [anything we come up with]."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What've I been up to?

You may ask. You may not. But I'm going to tell you either way. Deal with it.
Riding wise, I went out to City Park a couple times last week to get ready for the Emma's Revenge race last weekend. I hadn't ever been out to that trail before, and while it was as technical as everyone says, it was pretty fun too. Something different.

The race itself was kinda different too... Unlike most trails there were a lot of places that you just can't go fast on, and blah blah blah it made staying focused on the race one of the hardest things. I was going back and forth with one guy for the first half of the race or so, but unfortunately he ripped his derailure off and had to drop out. I ended up winning the under 30 class, and got 8th overall. (I wash I had known all the big boys had signed up for 30-39... Oh well.)
I have some pictures on my phone, but it isn't letting them leave at the moment...

Other than that, I had to wipe out Windows on my computer and when I put it back on the 'theme' I had been using wasn't there. It turned out I just hadn't reinstalled my video driver yet, but before I figured that out I decided that I might as well just use a custom theme. You know, how hard could that be?
Well, after the third Windows re-install I figured out what I had been doing wrong and now it is pretty simple. Four days later I think I'm done with it!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to Austin

But before we get to that, I raced the Singlespeed class at the first DORBA race last weekend!
I had no idea what to expect, so I started off just following the leaders. I went into the woods in third, and after a couple miles me and second passed the leader. That was the last time I saw anyone on bike until I flatted with 4ish miles to go and didn't have everything I needed to fix it...
But, I can say I most likely would have gotten second by looking at the time splits, and I missed out on a ribbon (OMG), so it isn't that big of a deal. I really need to quit getting flats though...

I like this picture:

Courtesy of Mom

Then a couple days later, I'm back in the ATX. Me and Joseph and my Dad built our bike rack, and it's awesome. But I'm not going to post any pictures so you have to come visit if you want to see it. DO IT. (You know you want to!)

Other than that, I went and rode yesterday and today (and dragged Joseph along today) and it is hot. Wait, I don't think you caught that...
Much better.

More to come soonish. I promise!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Post #325

Or, a little bit of everything.

I haven't been riding too much since nationals, but it's starting to pick up again. There is a DORBA race this weekend before I head back to Austin for the fall semester and I'm going to give racing singlespeed a shot. I rode the course yesterday and it seemed pretty good. At a pretty easy pace anyway. We'll see how the race goes, might be interesting.

A week or two ago I took a trip to Austin to help Joseph move into our apartment. It took a couple trips to get his junk over, and then we made a Home Depot / IKEA run, and on top of our 55" TV from Craigslist, have just about everything we're going to need:

Living room set up

Better shot of the rug

Table #1

Table #2 (we still need red/white checkerboard tablecloths...)

Trash can of awesome

Me and the AJ have been putting some more work into the '57 too, and the front end is starting to come along:

Maybe it'll be finished sometime in the next couple years...