Thursday, April 7, 2011

Call it Heinz

So I stopped going to Psychology class, thus eliminating my quality blogging time. My test grades have seemed to follow an interesting trend of going up the less I go to class though, so I think I'm going to stick with this plan of attack for the last couple weeks of the semester.

I had planned to make this post about spring break, the two races I've done since the last post, and some other stuff, but that is way too much to talk about with any level of detail... So umm, here's the quick and dirty version with pictures instead of words whenever possible:

Comfort Race: racing a mountain bike with my finger in it's cast thingy was interesting. I wasted a lot of energy because my hand position was different and it made me keep over braking. Still had an ok race though, finished somewhere around 15th.

Spring break: road trip to Missouri to see Rachel! and do fun things!

I look like a fish!

We went here!

I brought my bike and got to ride the one day it wasn't raining. Found some sweet dirt roads. Also, central Missouri is hillier than I thought it would be.

School: normal.

Baylor Road Weekend: Had an okay road race and TTT. I felt pretty strong but am still lacking at short high intensity bursts. Getting better though. Crit was FAST. I hung in the group until halfway through 2 to go, and rolled in for a solid 7th.

Look! People on road bikes!

Rachel comes to visit: We did fun things! Like go to dinner at Uchiko, which was amazing, and hike and have a picnic at the Greenbelt, and go to the School of Architecture Formal!

I think I picked a pretty nice picnic location

Other News: we took a family portrait last night!

Happy Holidays, everyone!