Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sunday night is approaching way too fast.
And I just cut the same square of basswood wrong for the third time.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

8:00 pm, Sunday, December 2nd

The final projects in architecture are due.

And now, for the RANDOM QUOTE OF THE DAY!!

"No, it isn't snowing, but I swear, it would be if it started raining."
-Some girl talking on the phone

Umm, it was, like, 45 degrees outside. Last time I checked it has to be somewhere around... what is it? Like, 32 degrees? Maybe? So that the rain can freeze and turn into snow? Good call there.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm back

Well, after a few days of not getting to do anywhere close to everything I wanted to, I'm back to Austin and in the process of unpacking everything. I suppose i'll have to get caught up on all of my Dallas activities winter break. Which is already less than two weeks away. Well, except for finals... I'll have to come back down here a couple times after break "starts." Whatever...

I wonder if my cheese is still any good. I should probably check that out. It should be.

Anyway, score two for black friday shopping! A $50 jacket and a $50 pair of jeans - I paid a total of $30!

And then on my way back here I saw a van on fire in the middle of the median!

I decided that to bring a little something else into the blog, and maybe to help me update it more often, I'm going to introduce a section that goes along with every update. Yes, that's right! I'm going to have (you guessed it!) a RANDOM QUOTE OF THE DAY!! Possibly with, but maybe without additional commentary, which will be added as I see fit.

As for the inagural RANDOM QUOTE OF THE DAY!!

"This sign says what to do if the elevator stops working while you're inside it. That leads me to wonder what you should do while the elevator stops working while you aren't inside it..."

-Some old guy in the elevator

We all just looked at him like he was stupid. I think that was very fitting.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Going Home Early!

The Dirt Derny got cancelled tonight, so I don't have to wait until the morning to go home!

t-minus about 2 hours

Monday, November 19, 2007

33 hours, 49 minutes

That is the amount of time left before I begin driving home. It's gonna be crazy.

In other news, my flip flops just died on my way back from studio. I guess I'll have to manage wearing shoes until friday.

It keeps going down!


What the roomate did today:
-Woke up
-Ate breakfast
-Sat on his bed and used the computer
-Ate lunch
-Sat on his bed and used the computer
-Ate dinner
-Sat on his bed and used the computer
-Went to bed

What I did today:
-Woke up
-Took a shower
-Ate breakfast
-Went to studio
-Came back and had lunch
-Used the computer
-Went riding with a friend
-Came back to the dorm
-Took another shower
-Went to a sold out concert and found someone with an extra ticket
-Saw The Almost
-Saw The Starting Line
-Saw Paramore
-Came back to the dorm
-Ate dinner
-Used the computer
-Went to studio
-Came back to the dorm
-Used the computer
-About to go to sleep

I keep trying to figure out how I seem to be able to squeeze so much more into a day than most people can. Maybe time moves slower for me or something? I don't know, but it is quite nice to be able to do so much more than other people can.

Enough existentialism; the concert that I mentioned was really good (also not that it took up five hours of my day between finding a ticket and seeing all the bands), I'm happy that Andrew insisted that I go to it.

Well, I have class in seven hours, so I'm gong to bed.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It Rained Today

Guess which side of the room is mine:

Meanwhile, in arhitecture:

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Weather

It was pretty chilly this morning. Especially at 6:45 when I walked to studio to work on some stuff before class started. It was early too. But mostly cold. And Appearantly it is supposed to get colder tomorrow, warm up a little for the weekend, and then get down to like, freezing by Thanksgiving?! I'm kind of excited for this; it's been hot for way too long.

I need new flip flops.
That was really random.
But stuff is on sale next friday! Yay fighting crowds at the mall!! Also, yay for getting to start on Christmas shopping! 39 days as of today!

Oh! And I need to help the AJ pick out a new truck too! More excitement!

I'm going to read my architecture book some, then fall asleep, then wake up, then go to studio, then lunch and band, and then do other stuff! Woo!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just got back from the dirt derby. It was pretty good. I have to take a shower then finish writing a paper. Yay...

I talked people into doing back to back road and mountain bike rides on saturday. It's going to be awesome.

Monday, November 12, 2007


The roomate suddenly jumped out of bed and ran out of the room. Eventually I heard the fire alrms in the hallways going off (the ones in the rooms were not) and grabbed my keys and a shirt before I headed downt he stairs. Then we got to stand around outside for about 45 minutes before we could head back in. I was one of the last people back, and I realized that the elevators would be really busy on the first floor, and alot of people would try to be smart and go to the ground floor to get an elevator were there would be "less people." I decided to be really smart and go to the 2nd floor to catch an empty elevator on it's way down to where all the people were. That was a good call.

It turns out someone playing with a ball in the hallway hit the fire alarm and set it off.

I hate you, playing-with-ball-at-2am-person. *Shakes fist*

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Project 4.1

Your final project should be considered a summation of the excercises that you have worked on throughout the semester. The issues introduced and explored using a heretofore abstract spatial and tectonic language will be reconsidered in a more concrete and substantive context with the introduction of absolute scale and program.

- An archival space of +/-400 sq. ft. with a room for one person to study what is being archived.
- An exterior space for a group of people to gather.
- A path (itinerary) that demonstrates an organizational logic and establishes relationships between and within the surrounding context and the construction(s).

You should be able to identify four "moments" (points of particular importance) in your project. One should be a point of entry (negotiating inside/outside); (at least) one should be a threshold (a "between" space that mediates between up and down, light and dark, inside and out); the other(s) may be particular to your project.

You may dig into the site (to a maximum depth of 10', but the material that is removed must be relocated elsewhere (it may be broken up). You may carve into, or through, the wall, but it cannot be removed or relocated (it must remain intact). Thea rchive does not necessarily have to incorporate the wall.

Light is an implicit constituent of each oft he programmatic spaces. It should also be considered in the design of your path.

Please keep in mind:

The program is given, but the results should reflect your intent.

The location of the wall somewhere on your site begins to shift the site from an anonymous undifferentiated plane to a landscape with specific spatial implications. Depending on its position, it first bisects the site either N-S or E-W; it may also suggest a point of entry, orient the inhabitant, interrupt the view, or cast a shadow that may further divide the site into light and dark. These implications are something you should be aware of and respond to; to literally build on.

The introduction of an enclosure immediatly distinguishes inside from out and the walls that delimit the enclosure serve to both unite and divide the space on either side. Consider what is being brought inside (progammatically) and what is being excluded. Openings provide points of connection (visual or physical) between the two realms.

To dig into the earth is to simultaneously merge with the context (the earth) and remve yourself from it.

To build up is the reverse: it is to simultaneously remove yourself from the earth, but connect with the surrounding space.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Filled out my schedule for next semester this morning:

-Architecture Studio
-Visual Communications
-History of Architecture 1
-Intro to Astronomy

I was going to do psycology and get my social science out of the way, but for whatever reason I couldn't get into the class. Hence, I am taking astronomy and completing my natural science instead! Yay.

As for my current classes, I got my calculus test back today... and, lets just leave it at this is the one that will be dropped when my final grade is calculated. This sucks mainly because I thought I understood what was going on. Apparently not so much.

And in design today, we got the first part of our final project. I'm not sure where it's going, but we have to make a rectangle of a certain size, and put a rectangular wall of a certain size on it, then repeat a few times. Everyone's will be exactly the same except for where the walls are placed.

Monday, November 5, 2007

"This is the type of thing you enter in a design contest, and win."

A direct quote from my architecture professor. It seems that he really likes my wall.

I think the final piece count was 350, but I might be a couple off - late last night wasn't the best time for me to be doing math.

In other news,

Guitar Hero III is pretty cool. Except that I can't beat Cult of Personality for some reason. Whatever, I can try again in 16 days when I'm home for Thanksgiving.

And the white squirrel count is now up to 9. Seeing two today should hopefully help out with my calculus test tomorrow... Speaking of, I need to study some...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Make That 288

Turned out I needed some moer pieces. I imagine it will go up again before I'm done too...

White squirrel sightings are now up to 7!

And... I'm getting ready to go home until sunday night!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Two Hundred and Forty

That really didn't seem to be that big of a number. At least until I had to cut that many rectangles out of chipboard anyway... I wish I had a picture of the pile, but of course I forgot to take one. In order to make up for that I will post another picture instead:

Yay awesome Halloween costume!

Yesterday was so crazy.

Me and Bo went to the Wind Ensemble concert, which was quite impressive. Then we ate, put on costumes, and went down to 6th street to meet a bunch of other people. We got there and joined the crowd. Of like 8000 other people. There isn't much exaggeration there, in fact, there might not be any at all, I'm not quite sure though. It was insane.

I started to list some of the best costumes, but it was taking too long to describe some of them, so whatever. It's something that is much better if you actually experiaence it anyway.