Thursday, February 12, 2009

Changing Plans

I'm hoping someone randomly calls me in the next five hours or so and says "yo! I be needin' some foo's ta jump up in ma slab an' roll down ta Terlingua! At 1:00. On Friday." Of course I don't think the odds of anyone I know talking like that are very high, and I'm not willing to accept anything else. So I'll most likely be going with plan B for the weekend.

And as much as I like Terlingua and as excited as I was for that race, I have to say that I won't mind not having to spend 16 hours in a car this weekend. While the trade off is worth it, that's still a really long drive.

In case you're wondering, plan B:
Pie Party Friday Night
Sleep in on Saturday
Take care of any studio work
Ride 5+ laps at Cameron Park on Sunday

I think I could handle that as an alternative.

In other news, I bought a new strap for my watch this morning. It's coming from Canada, but in 10-14 days I can start wearing my watch again! Without having to worry about the strap falling apart!

I feel like I don't put enough pictures in my posts. Lets see...
Here is a sweet ride I saw on the trip to Dallas. Maybe they'll call later and offer me a ride to Terlingua.

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