Thursday, February 26, 2009

24(ish) hours of bad luck

What could be causing this?

Thank you, O mystical Google Image Search.

Here is a list of everything that happened on my not bueno "day":
4:00pm Tuesday - Flat at the Greenbelt, you know about this already

9:30am Wednesday - Middle of a review, middle of a sentence, my reviewer announces "break time!" We come back and after I re-talk about my project, they pretty much ignore me and talk about the project next to mine. Eventually they did say a little about mine...

1:00pm Wednesday - Group decides we need to change our approach to a project and it will now require me canceling all of my afternoon plans.

1:45pm Wednesday - Riding back to studio to meet with the group, the strap on my computer bag slips and it falls onto my back wheel and makes me "crash." (It was slow enough that nothing happened besides my pants getting dirty, but still...

2:15pm Wednesday - The group decides not to inform me of any decisions that have been made without me. Then they leave to do who knows what without inviting me. They come back like 20 minutes later and continue to not inform me about what is going on.

3:45pm Wednesday - I tell the group I'm leaving. They still hadn't included me in anything that was happening.

7:00pm Wednesday - Eating dinner (sitting on my bed) I knock over my water. I jump up to avoid it, forgetting that my plate is on my lap...

8:30 am Thursday - I'm getting ready to go to class, and can't find my keys.

9:00 am Thursday - Found my keys. I think that ended the bad luck, because I've been good since then.

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