Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I thought I found a soccer ball in the gutter. It had Disney princesses on it!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Crit Weekend

Nothing special. Just some good training for nationals...
Andrew went down pretty hard, but he'll be fine. The big question is whether or not he'll get a new nose ring.

Bump and Grind this weekend. Hopefully I have a chance at the podium, specifically the top of it.

Friday, May 25, 2007


I got locked out of my house today, so I drove around for two hours before Ben's birthday party. Then I played guitar hero, fed ben strawberries, witnessed Mike and Charlotte's cake fight, saw people I haven't seen in forever, and then went back home to an unlocked house! Hooray!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Plan "Road Trip to Pasadena/LA" is now in effect. Well, as long as people get parental approval...

It will be nice to actually be able to scratch "Road Trip" off on my list of things to do this summer ( :

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance can be a really fun song if you aren't the one playing it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

This Makes Me Want To Yell Random Things...


Try driving 20mph while playing "Play That Funky Music (White Boy)" quite loud with the windows down. It has a nice effect. Especially if you are driving by a park where all the people can hear you...


*Unofficially,* I am now done with high school!!!11one
Saturday is graduation, then I am officially done!

Training starts monday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One More Day!

Well, not even that much... three more classes!! And I'm not doing anything in any of them!!! I'm so ready for it to be over with. I'll miss everyone, but it's not like I won't see them all over the summer, or make brownies and then come back to visit or anything... ( : Gotta look on the positive side, however hard it might be ( :

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

2 more

days of (high) school!

Jazz band and legacy were good tonight.
Percussion concert tomorrow.
Then last day of school.
Then mexican food for lunch with Aaron and Yafiet.
Then graduation.
Then who knows what...

Monday, May 14, 2007

3 to go

Yep. Only three more days of high school left for me!!!1one
There is no doubt that I'm ready to be done with all that nonsense, but I have to say, I don't have any idea what I'm going to do without getting to see some of those people every day next year...
At least there is still the summer (except for when I'm out of town for everything) to hang out with everyone. I'm going to be busy with all the chillin' I'll have to fit in...
It'll all be worth it though ( :

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Band Banquet

-Throwing olives across the table
-All the adults looking at us because we were so loud
-Teaching people how to play the water glasses
-Two people saying I looked like Willy Wonka
-Two people saying I looked like the Monopoly guy
-Knowing that all four of them were right
-Yafiet kissing Mr. Taylor
-God/Jones at the end of the senior skit
-Best band video ever
-Taylor mentioning my shoes for the second time this week
-Junior gifts from Jon
and of course...
-Going to IHOP afterwards

Very good times... I know there is technically still another week, but GEB, you will be missed.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Red Suede Shoes

Will appearantly get you pretty far in life.


Here are (finally) some prom pictures:

The whole group

Me and Emily

Some of us

Don't even Ask

At the dance

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


So me, Aaron, and Yafiet go to Braums after school today to gvet some ice cream. I'm the last one in line, so the other two are outside before I've even paid... Anyway, the random black girl, RESSICA, at the register takes my reciept, and WRITES HER NAME AND PHONE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF IT!! then she mumbles something that I sure hope was "give this to your black friend," and walks off.

Spring concert is tonight. It makes me sad that I will never get play in the GEB again...

Monday, May 7, 2007

Update from the Weekend

Prom was friday. It was great. I have pictures but they're all on the laptop, which I am not on right now... I'll post some tomorrow. Lots of food, dancing, partying, guitar hero, sleeping and waking up just in time for everyone else to be going to sleep... what could be better?

Then on to the race ) :
3rd worst race I've ever had. Only topped by my first Jr. X race, which was in the mud, and long story made short, I got lapped by the guy that won my class; and a race last year that involved me stopping and looking for food on the side of the trail. At least I got enough races to qualify for overalls...
The lake house would have been much more fun. Maybe over the summer.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Let the Festivities Begin!

Missed dinner with my prom group last night because of gay orchestra - what other orginization requires people to be there four hours before anything is actually happening? Whatever, I'm done with that now.

At least I still got to go play Guitar Hero and see Spiderman 3 at midnight.
Prom tonight, then after party at Matt's house, then straight to a bike race! Woo!!

Got to love Senior Skip Day ( :

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hello Everyone!

Hey, I'm Kyle. I watch mTV and drink Jones soda. I'm in band and I race bicycles. Music is pretty much my life. Next year I'm going to the University of Texas to study architecture.

Now that everyone knows everything about me, I'll get on ewith this whole blog business:

I've been meaning to make one of these for quite a while now, and there are some good stories from today that need to be recorded somewhere, so here it is.

This morning I had to pick up one of my friends to take him to school. I pulled up in front of his house and called him. No answer, so I get out of the car to go knock on the door, but appearantly I had put my car in neutral and not put the parking brake on. This became real obvious when I caught my car about six inhes away from the car it was rolling dowhill towards. I tried calling John again so he could put the brake on for me, but once again he didn't answer. So, I pushed my car about ten feet up the hill, ran around, jumped in, and grabbed the brake before I hit the other car. I walked up to John's house, rang the doorbell, and woke him up. Needless to say, his mom brought him to school today.

Then about 15 minutes ago, my mom needs me to run to the store and get some eggs for her. I looked out thw window at the torrential downpour that was in progress, sighed, and said I would be back in a couple minutes. I got to the store, ran in, and some old guy that worked there informed me that they were closed due to a pwer outage. I ran back to my car, and drove down the street to the Walmart "Neighborhood Market" thing and ran in. Just as I was getting to the eggs, the power goes out. The back on. Then off again. By time I got to the register, it was back on, so I paid and walked up to the door. At this point it was raining so hard that I was standing in the store and getting wet. I was just about to run out when some employee runs up, locks the sliding doors, and infored everyone that they needed to keep the doors closed so the carpet didn't get any wetter, and we would all be stuck in the store until further notice. Eventually I did get out and get home, but it took a while. Going down my street, the water was higher than the curbs.

The whole point of these stories is something like
If you drive a stick, don't park your car in neutral, or you hae to push it uphill
Don't go to Walmart while it's raining because you'll get locked in
Or something. Maybe? Whatever.

Good job to all the people who tried out for drum major!
I'm bringing brownies to school tomorrow ( =