Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

I was going to post a conversation that resulted in great amounts of laughter earlier today, but just in time I realized it was one of those things that wouldn't be funny at all anymore. Instead, heres a picture of MLK in a platypus costume:

I haven't really done much the last few days, seeing as how it's been recovery time from the race, though I did go on a good ride today with Brandon, and studio is kind of in a transition between projects. Speaking of studio, I never posted pictures of what was going on with all of those wooden blocks:

You can probably see around 2/12 of them in that picture, if that helps with the idea of how many we made.

In other news, if anyone offers to let you pay them to coach you, don't accept... They're probably just looking to steal your bikes.


aka Kathy said...

So, is the ladder for when your block towers get really tall?

Kyle J. said...

It might be. Could be for taking pictures too.