Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tx State Weekend

Reduced to .7 miles, 90% of which was at an 18% grade. Good fun.
Umm... not really much to say about this one, it hurt really bad for about 3 minutes and 39 seconds, then I couldn't breath fpr about an hour, but neithr could anyone else, so it's all good. That time was good for a tie for 5th place, and only 11 seconds off of 1st.

More of a circuit race, seeing as how we only did nine laps. No corners, a small climb and downhill. I didn't really feel too good before the race, but by time I was done warming up, I was a little better. Our plan was to just keep attacking and hope something would stick, but no one else was too hot on following our breaks, so it ended in a field sprint. I got 10th. Nothing too notable happened, though appearantly some guy crashed from throwing his water bottle too hard or something...

After a good night of sleep, I was feeling pretty good for todays race. At our team meeting we decided o pretty much the same plan as the crit, and for the first two out of four laps we got just about the same results. About half way into the third lap, I somehow ended up in a fairly large break, there were nine of us, and after about four miles of tearing it up we slowed down to around 25-26mph. By the end of the race we had put about 5 minutes on the pack (yay finally being in a breakaway that didn't get caught!!) and I sprinted in for 6th.

Overall, I don't think I can really complain about the weekend at all, well, except maybe about the bike shop in San Marcos that charged me $13 to tighten my rear hub when they didn't even have the proper tools for the job... but I guess it had to be done... But, yeah, three top tens. I'm happy with that.

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