Friday, April 18, 2008


Scratch that...
Try "Catch Up."

So Wednesday I didn't get lost again. Yay riding with people who know where they're going better than I do.
Then later me, Chris, and Litespeed Chris, Litespeed, AND I went on a well good adventure to go look at the hill climb TT for the Texas State race this weekend tomorrow.

Yesterday at the crit I had an awesome three laps. Then I blew my tire off of my rim, clipped my pedal (the order of those two still has yet to be decided, though I feel it is the order I typed it in, and I can't really see how much of a differance it makes anyway...) resulting in my back end flying pretty high followed by my tube exploding when I landed. I suprised everyone by not crashing, then changed my tube and skipped the open race to go to studio.


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Chris said...

Well, your pedal clipped 100% for sure before your tube popped. Whether or not something happened to the tire that caused the pedal to clip is debatable. It didn't look like it rolled off though. I bet you just pinched the tube when you were leaned over that far.