Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday, Part 1

Saturday night we decided that the plan for the crit on sunday was to attack out of all the corners to keep the pace up, and hopefully get at least one break started. Then it rained all night and up to about ten minutes before our race started...

The last two corners (3 and 4) had bricks right before and after them, but close enough that normally you would be turning on them, and they were uber slick. During warm up, I noticed that I was able to take the corners faster than most people due to my apparently "wierd" cornering style. SO\o I decided that during the race I would attack into the corners instead of the normal plan.

An MSU guy attacked right off the start and we chased him down by the third side of the first lap. There was a crash around the last corner on that lap, and it split the pack up a little bit. Right before the third corner on the second lap, everyone had just about caught back on, so I decided that would be a good time to start attacking. I took off and an MSU guy caught me fairly quickly. I expected the rest of the pack to come up pretty soon, but the two of us started working together fast and managed to not only put 30 seconds on the pack, but to keep at least that gap for the entire race. He ended up outsprinting me, so I got second, but still, I'll take that.

Sean got away from the pack with a few laps to go and almost caught us, actually, but still finished third, about ten seconds behind. Somehow his attack along with something Tony did managed to drop the rest of the MSU riders from the field (MSU was our only competition for the team overall competition for the season), so besides the first, their hghest finish was 9th. This helped alot in the team standings, and UT is once again the conference champions!!!

Oh yeah, during the race, there were also four primes that went four places deep. Me and the MSU guy both took two, and second in the other two, so I got a nice pile of stuff from the race too.

And since it was were this entry was supposed to end, I'll repeat what was supposed to be the last line:

standings, and UT is once again the conference champions!!!

Part 2 will be here later today when I go get my camera cable and can upload pictures.

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aka Kathy said...

YEA! for weird cornering skills and not falling down.