Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Epic Ride of Epic Epicness

There is only one word that can describe my ride this afternoon. I'm just going to let you guess it...

I got out of class, and knowing I wouldn't have tome to do the 'nighter with studio stuffage, I decided toho do some sort of ride before it got too late. Walnut Creek was out since I'm doing that tomorrow, and I really did not feel like riding my road bike for whatever reason. Anyway, I ended up deciding to ride the mountain bike to the Greenbelt and get some sweet action there.

*Note: I have only ridden to the Greenbelt once, about 4 months ago*

I was on my way down there, and after only making one wrong turn (which I realized after about ten feet) I could see Zilker Park, which meant I had basically successfully navihated myself to the trail head. Blah, blah, blah... I'm riding to the park down the bike path and there is this group of people stopped under a bridge blocking the trail. Randomly it turns out to be Andrew, Tyler, Tristan, and Carlos. Tristan says something about me just missing Tyler and Carlos crach into each other and go down. Dang it!!

I get to the trail, check the time, and decide to make my ride about 2 hours total, meaning about 30 minutes out on the trail, then back. After a little while, I'm having such a good ride, I decided to go ahead and bump it up to about 2.5 hours.

Thats all fine and dandy until on my way back I accidentally took one of the side trails and eventually ended up out in the river bed (thankfully it was completely dry) hiking for about 15 minutes to find the next place the trail crossed it. At one point I was pretty sure I was in the wrong river and would end up having to ditch my bike and go find some road or something and hitch-hike back to campus. That thought made me sad ) :

Turns out it was the right creek though, and wherever I got back on the trail ended up taking me to the famed chain-in-the-cliff section. Then I took some other side trail again and ended up on the road in some neighborhood. I could have easily gone back to the trail and left the way I know, but that didn't seem very fitting for this ride, so I just rode until I found some major-ish looking road that went towards downtown and followed it. Several other roads,bike paths, and sidewalks later I made it to streets I regocnized as downtown and headed back to campus with a short stop at the 9th street jumps thrown in, since I was in that part of the city.

(a la the Racing Chronicles - R.I.P.)
Total Ride Time: more or less 2 hours 45 minutes
Total Hiking Time: 20 minutes
Hydration: I stopped to pee once?
Rating on Scale of Epicness (from 1-14): 10.3


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