Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things that Really Bother Me

I was at the grocery store a couple days ago and the guy in line in front of me had three young girls. What looked like twins and a third that was born no more than 9 months after them. Of course I found out they were with him when they ran up and threw a bunch of random things on top of all my stuff on the conveyor belt. Then ran off again. Then came back carrying more things and ran out the front of the store with them and waited for their dad who continued to pretend they didn't exist.

This semester I'm in a freshman psychology class. I thought it would be interesting. The professor just spent ten minutes explaining how even though ice cream sales and murder are higher in the summer, there is no correlation between the two. Are freshman really this stupid? Can we actually learn something, please.

Why are old people, when they try to use the internet, incapable of typing a URL into the address bar, and instead have to use the Internet Explorer Google Search Bar to type in 'aol' so they can then go to the website. My psychology professor does this.
Also, chain emails about how horrible Muslims and Obama are.

Fat people think that the way the world works is that everyone gets fat eventually. My psychology professor does this too.

Grad students think the two best places to have a conversation are halfway up staircases and in doorways. Sorry, but no.

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