Monday, February 7, 2011

Dirty Du

Another psychology class, another blog post. I see this making me actually keep up with this thing this semester.

The only question, then, is what to write about.
I guess I could do a quick recap of the Dirty Du(athlon) from way back in November.

My dad talked me into racing against him in it, and seeing it as a rematch for the triathlon we did over the summer
(did I ever write about that? I don't remember. Long story short, I double flatted which led to him beating me by one minute...)
I said "why not" and had my mom sign me up.

The format of the race was:
mass start into a 5k off road run*
20k mountain bike race
repeat of the 5k run

The run course was out and back, and pretty much all either uphill or downhill. I knew there were going to be a lot of people that could run faster than me, and there were. I finished to first run in 50th place.
Then we got to get on our bikes. It took me a couple minutes to get my legs warmed up after the run, but it didn't even take that long to start passing all the people who weren't faking the ability to run like I was. 20k later I had posted the 4th fastest bike time of the day and moved into the top 10 in the race.

Too bad I had to run again...
And I had kinda killed my legs riding...

My second run was more of an alternating walk/run/cramp... thing. Luckily I had gotten far enough up front on the bike that not too many people were able to catch up. Even though my second run time was only 63rd overall, I still finished in 18th, or 12th in the men under 40 division.

My goal going into the race had been to finish in under two hours. I came really close at 2:02.
More importantly though, I beat my dad by about 20 minutes!
Ha! What now old man?!

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aka Kathy said...

The "Old Man" replies:

I do believe I challenged you and your roommate, JT, to compete in the Big D Stair Run against me. Both of you declined, because you were VERY AFRAID of this "old man" as you should be, since I won my age group and finished 17th overall of 719. What now baby boy?