Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dating Advice

The problem with writing for this during psychology class is that talking about anything except the stupid professor is really difficult. In an attempt to spare everyone from more of that, here are some lessons to be learned from a first date me and Andrew witnessed while we were at dinner last night:

When on a first date, there are certain things you should say. They do not include:
"I'm really bad at flirting."

"I don't drink a lot. Actually, yeah I do. I just don't get drunk a lot. Actually, yeah I do. [proceed to tell stories about times you've been drunk for 15 minutes]"

"Wait, I wasn't done with that story yet."

"One time I was at a bar with a really really hot girl, and she came with me when I got kicked out..."

There are signs you can look for to see if your date is going well. Again, these do not include:
Your date sitting with [her] arms crossed any time you start talking.

Your date staring at the wall or ceiling after you have been talking for any extended period of time.

Your date communicating in monosyllable grunts or unintelligible sounds any time you ask a direct question.

Your date saying things like "can we leave and get to that other place we were going to go yet?"

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