Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stupid Weather

The worst thing about being in a freshman class is that the majority of the 300 kids in here use their laptops to take notes. Or, like me, to surf the internet while the professor talks about irrelevant things. What this means is that the server gets all clogged up and the internet either gets really slow or doesn't work at all. There should be a way to call seniority on the on campus internet. Just sayin'.

I was half expecting the class to only be about half full today because the temperature dropped into the 20s again today (read: about 40 degrees colder than Texas has any business being) and there was "ice" last night. But no, the class is about as full as it normally is.
Do these people really find Professor [I'm fat and I can eat 25 chicken wings and I'm going to spend half the class telling you about it because it makes me feel special and possibly less bad about myself because I remember the 80s when I ran a 5k in 30 minutes but when I tell the class about that I'm going to assume no one knows how to convert kilometers to miles and say that that gave me an average rate of 5:25 minutes/miles because that will sound more impressive than what I really did] that interesting?
I know I wouldn't be here except for the fact that I would have to actually study for tests if I did that.

My favorite part of the weather being like this is that it scares away all of the people who normally stand around on the West Mall and try to hand me flyers for clubs that I have no interest in or tell me about Jesus or whatever. Whenever they come back out I feel like I should be weird to them.
"What day does [uninteresting club] meet?"
"Oh Tuesday evenings aren't good for me, that's when I go around and give homeless guys handjobs. I just try to do my part to help out, you know..."
I probably won't though, because someone might think I'm serious (I'm not) and judge me. I need to get over myself because that would be really funny.

My least favorite part of cold weather is listening to everyone complain all the time. This one annoying girl posted on the facebook last week
"Umm, UT, why aren't classes cancelled yet? It's below freezing outside. I don't want to walk to class in this."
BELOW FREEZING!!! OH NO! No one has EVER experienced so much agony before!
Put a coat on and shut the f*ck up.

I do kinda wish I had a scarf though. I could wear it, like, twice a year with a coat and my neck would be warm.

Or I could wear it every day from December to March with a North Face vest and people would think I'm in a frat.

Or I could wear it in the summer with a v-neck shirt and everyone would think I'm a hipster.

How versatile!

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