Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So I got to play race promoter last weekend.
Being in charge of UTs mountain bike department means I have to organize our race in the fall too, so a couple months ago I emailed Jimmy at Flat Rock Ranch and was all like,
"Say foo'! UT be needin' a place ta throw down wit' some o' dat biiiike racin', ya dig?"
And he was like,
"yeah thats cool."

So, I filled out some paperwork with USAC and headed down a day early to drive around in the little four wheeler thing with Jimmy and put up some signs and ribbon and stuff. Then, being as collegiate racing is so cool, I got to go race too!

Saturday we had a time trial and short track.
The time trial went quite good, Chad beat me, but I got second in front of Rick Wetherald, who I wouldn't describe as slow.
The short track was another story though... Don't know why, but after the first 10 minutes or so, I just did not feel good. I had been with Chad and Rick up to that point, but they quickly shelled me, and next thing I know mini-Chad is passing me too... I tried to hold on to him, but that didn't last too long either. Luckily no one else caught me and I pulled off 4th (hey! 4th! Just like the good old days!).

There was a little more driving around and putting up ribbon that evening, and after dinner with the team and sleep, it was Sunday, and time for the cross country.
Somehow, almost none of us A racers managed to warm up at all, so we took off at a nice 'easy' pace, and didn't really pick the pace up for the first 15 minutes of the race or so. But as soon as we hit the first technical sections, some of the Aggies bobbled and me and Rick were able to get around and open a bit of a gap. I bobbled next, and Rick got away from me too. About half way through the race, in a really fast open section, Chad caught back up to me, and I held on for a while, but he eventually got away too...
Even with 3rd, I was happy with the results. Rick beat me by about 4 minutes, and Chad by a little over 1. I also got 3rd overall, which means I got one of the awesome prizes I picked - SCRATCH OFF TICKETS! Of course I didn't win anything though...

'The New Year' Death Cab For Cutie
'Feed The Animals' Girl Talk

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aka Kathy said...

Aggies bobbling?
In the technical sections?
Nah - couldn't of happened!
Yeah, right!