Friday, October 2, 2009

Heres a rundown of my next (little more than) two weeks:

Tonight: Drive to Dallas
Tomorrow: Drive to Bar H; time trial and short track; SCCCC meeting
Sunday: Cross Country; Drive back to Austin; Ghostland Observatory concert
Monday: Project for construction; project for studio
Tuesday: See Monday; class; (maybe) Dirt Derby; (maybe) Trivium Concert
Wednesday: Studio project
Thursday: Studio Project
Friday: Drive to Marfa; assemble project for studio; El Cosmico
Saturday: El Cosmico
Sunday: Disassemble studio project; drive back to Austin
Monday: Pack for the next week; (maybe) drive to College Station
Tuesday: Start driving to Lake Tahoe with A+M Cycling Team
Wednesday: Finish drive to Lake Tahoe
Thursday: Preride collegiate National Championship cross country course
Friday: (Maybe) Collegiate National Championship short track; enjoy the ambiance
Sunday: Enjoy the ambiance
Monday: Start driving back to Texas
Tuesday: Finish drive to Austin

Then I get to catch up on all of the class and studio I'll have missed, but theres a good chance this is the only chance I'll get to go, so it'll be worth it. I'm excited.

In other news, after Marfa, I never want to have anything to do with plastic bags ever again.

'Run Chicken Run' The Felice Brothers

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