Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Huntsville and Some Other Things

First off, I'm going to start posting more than just race reports again. Those get boring.
And of course, with that being said, here is the Dave Boyd Huntsville Classic (get ready for it) RACE REPORT!

This was this years second collegiate race, and the field was a lot more stacked than it had been at Camp Eagle. Chad from A+M finally got his hand healed enough to race. I convinced Joseph to come out and play. And UT newcomer (I'm glad he showed up on one of our rides, because I would've had no idea he was here...) Matt Stottlemeyer, who I race with in TMBRA also came out. Plus all the usual suspects.
Anywho, I hadn't preridden the course as it had rained most of the week since Camp Eagle. Well, actually I hadn't ridden much at all since Camp Eagle, since it had rained most of the week... But, I've ridden Huntsville enough over the past, what, 10 years to have a pretty good idea what to expect. The start was fast. But I wanted to stay with the front. I did. Until Chad jumped about a mile into the race. I chased him for a bit, but realized I was pushing a little too hard and backed off.
Of course, next thing I know I'm going too easy and people start catching me... At least it was just Matt and Joseph (go figure we would all end up together starting the third lap).
Pretty soon into third lap, I (we) got a report that Chad was about five minutes up. I realized I felt better than I should at that point, and knew that if I was going to catch him, I better hurry up and get started on it. Joseph hung on for a bit, but by halfway through the lap I was back by myself. And Chad wasn't there. He ended up beating me by a couple minutes, though I had at least closed the gap a little. Joseph rolled in not too far behind me, and then Matt and Chad's brother had a sprint for fourth. Of course the Aggie had to go and win it... But still, three out of the top five for UT - not bad.

Oh, and, the race was harder than I remember it ever being before. Dunno whats up with that.

I've already decided I look like a doofus when I race without my Racing Jackets, so I don't want to hear it.

In other news, me and Joseph went to the record store at midnight last night to pick up the new Muse CD as soon as it was released. So. Good. Go buy it now if you for some reason haven't already.
Also, since I'm going to start posting more, I'm going to be really original and make an attempt at some sort of song of the day post type thing! (GET EXCITED I LISTEN TO COOL MUSIC LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW)
And now! for the inaugural song(s)-of-the-day-post-type-thing!! I present...
'Padmasana' Buckethead
'Let Go' Frou Frou

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