Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thinking (scary, huh)

The following post is going to be complete stream of consciousness. I'll try to stay on topic and not be too confusing. No promises though.

Know what I miss? Being able to decided when I want to go on a bike ride based on the weather. Oh, today is cold? I'm going to stay inside. No thanks, I don't care to ride the trainer. Today is warm, pleasant, sunny, I think I'm going to go for a ride. I have work to do tonight, I guess it will be a short ride. But now, I need to do a long ride today, too bad its like 30 degrees outside. Or its raining or whatever. Unfortunately? I enjoy the results of basing my riding on the day of the week or when I'm racing and whatnot. Guess I'll stick with it.
(And breathe)
Is it weird that I can pretty much not study for tests ever, save for like a 30 minute freak out study session right before it, and still do good in almost all cases? I think it is, and I think everyone that knows about my study habits thinks so too, because they all study all the time and I think thats weird but whatever.
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be

And, end stream of consciousness. (Because my train of thought just got to the final stop of the day a little ahead of schedule.) Thank you for listening.


aka Kathy said...

Good thing studying is not a major requirement for your "success" - gives more studio/sleep/bike/ice cream/whatever time. But then again, if you put some effort into studying would you so better?

Kyle J. said...

When I go "Oh crap, I have a test in 30 minutes, I need to study!" Then go take the test and miss the highest grade in the class by this much || I think I'm good. Most of the time, anyway.

aka Kathy said...

Must be good genetics...