Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break Part 2 (The Zoo and SXSW)

So, nothing else too exciting happened in Dallas, except for a random trip to the zoo! I (we) hadn't been there in as long as we could remember, and upon seeing it was only $10, decided it was time to go again.

Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me into the crocodile pit to wrestle them so I had to settle for the statue instead...

I was going to head back to Austin yesterday and see a Valient Thorr concert, but the AJ said something about cooking steak and potatoes, and I decided to stay home for one more day.
That left me with driving back this morning, and I got here with enough time to go for a pretty good ride with Brandon before the concert on todays schedule, Cold War Kids. They were quite good. (Heres some crappy AWESOME cell phone video to prove it!)

I just realized DEVO is actually playing a concert tomorrow, but its a 21+ show... I'll settle for ARC Angel instead.

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