Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break, vol. 3

Well, I had been planning on going to an Explosions in the Sky concert Saturday night, and was quite excited about it, but then it had to go and be all rainy in Waco Texas two weeks ago, and the Cameron Park race got bumped back to this weekend.
As bummed as I was about missing my show, I had been uber excited about this race, and really wanted to do good at it, so I changed my plans and went to Waco for the weekend.

It was a good choice.

I got an alright start (better than I normally do) and went into the singletrack around 8th place. About two miles in, the trail opened up into jeep road and I got around a few people, and kept the higher pace when the trail changed back to singletrack. About half way through the lap I caught up to first and second (Will), and sat on them for a while. Eventually the guy in first started to pull away, and after a quick discussion of "strategy," Will let me by to go chase him down.
I caught up right at the start of lap 2 and followed his wheel for a couple miles before deciding it was a good time to try and make something happen. I went around, but was never able to open up a very big gap, maybe 50 feet or so at the most. Near the end of the lap, he caught back up, and I was starting to think I was in some serious trouble...
Coming through the start finish for lap 3, I offered the lead back, but he was content sitting on my wheel, so I just kept cruising at a pretty good pace. Little gaps would open here or there, but he was generally right on me. Then, I suddenly felt really good.
I took an opportunity to pick the pace up again while making a pass, and while at first I thought he was covering me pretty good, it didn't take too long for the gap to open back up. Next thing I know, I pass about 6 more lapped riders, and my competition is nowhere to be seen! I actually started thinking that I had it in the bag, but then came to the conclusion that the race wasn't over yet, and thinking like might end up costing... me... it. (Yay, awesome grammar!
I kept the pace pretty steady, but made sure to ride the descents a little more cautious than I had been (which was probably good seeing as how I had scared myself a few times on the earlier laps).
The finish came soon enough, and basking in all the glory, I rode right past the people taking the timing chips, and got yelled at for not stopping and giving it to them.

It's been quite a while since my last win, hopefully this is a sign of something good.

Oh, funny story, for about 5 minutes on the second lap, I had "Jizz in my Pants" stuck in my head...

Pictures to come as soon as they're on the interwebz.

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