Sunday, January 25, 2009


I don't feel like putting a lot of thought into what to blog about tonight. However, that doesn't make for very good content. Thus, a solution:
Go to Google Images, type in "Good picture to put on my blog today," post whatever the first image in the results is.

Thats exciting.

In other news (and since I still don't feel like putting thought into my content for the day), here is some copypasta from an email I sent about what I did today:
Today after I finished my work I went with Joseph to the Greenbelt on the singlespeed. We rode down there, rode the trail from one end to the other, then ended gong to far and getting on some goofy side trail that we ended up having to walk alot of. For whatever reason we kept following it, and eventually ended up behind a bunch of houses. Some guy was in his backyard, and he let us cut through to the street, and we rode back to campus from there. It was a good 2.5 hour or more ride total, not counting the time we spent walking.

In studio we're doing this big class project where we're representing a city using a bunch of pieces that can be moved around to show different conditions and what changes and stuff...
Anyway, my group was in charge of making houses and offices, which were basically inch thick peices of 2x4 for houses, and inch thick 2x4s cut in half for offices.
Remember we're making a city. There are a lot of houses and offices in a city. We started with 60 2x4s and ended up with somewhere around 5,000 peices!

Thats exciting too.

If you said "OH NOES ITALICS IT'S LONG I'M GONNA SKIP THAT PART!!" Here is a shorter version (warning: may not contain as much excitement):
I went riding.
In studio, we cut wood into lots of pieces.


aka Kathy said...

That's exciting. Thanks for the Cliff Notes version.

Joseph Tokarski said...

haha you should make a seperate blog containing only cliff notes lol