Saturday, January 24, 2009

Greenbelt + 9th Street

After class yesterday, I decided the 80 degree temperatures merited a nice ride, and given I had gone out on the road bike on Thursday, I opted for riding the singlespeed down to the greenbelt. The way down there was pretty uneventful, and I had to turn around a little over half way into the trail to be sure I would get home before dark. I was tempted to go further, so next time I might stick some lights on my bike for the ride back home.
On the way back home, I decided I had enough time to stop by the 9th street jumps for a few minutes. It was a good decision, because I definitely got to see a sweet crash for he first time when one of the guys overshot a jump and landed right on his shoulder from about eight feet up. He didn't get hurt and everyone laughed at him, so it was all good. For anyone who hasn't been able to experience 9th street in person, I proudly present the next best thing:


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