Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Bike Fun Time

I'll start out by saying that my Pot Pie is extremely hot. I found this out when I stuck some of it in my mouth and it didn't feel good.

The Sweatin' Burnt Orange Bike Tour was this weekend. If you didn't come out, you should have. And you should next year too, because it's awesome. I've never ridden the course, but from what I hear it's pretty sweet. The AJ said he thought our 75 mile route was harder than the century he did at Lake Tahoe this summer if that says anything. Plus, it's more scenic than a ride in, say, Wichita Falls or something. I'm there at a rest stop too, what more could you want?

Several people described the ride as possibly the hilliest in Texas, but they are not correct. I've been talked into riding the Tour Das Hugel in two weeks. ~100 miles with ~11,000 feet of climbing. Should be a swell time.

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