Monday, November 10, 2008

On Being a Rebel

Today I went through the 20 items or less line at the grocery store. With 21 things!

In other news, my last XC race of the year was on Sunday. It was at Rocky Hill, but wasn't a collegiate race, so I finished without having to throw up at all... I broke my streak of fourths too! There was a split in the trail where you could either go up a steep, barely ridable hill or take a longer route to bypass it. After we got to this the first time and people went both ways, I had no clue where I was sitting in the race. I proceeded to ride along for the next 26 miles only seeing four or five people, only one of which was even in my race. About a mile from the end though, someone from my class passed me, and the race was on! I jumped on his wheel and right at the bottom of the last climb, he slid out and was nice enough to let me by. I went for it and attacked up the hill. Must have worked, because I finished about 30 seconds ahead of him! After he came across the line, he said he thought I got third. And it turns out I did! I squished bowl, and $40 later, I was back in Austin, basking in the glory of finally being on the podium again.

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