Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Woo Lists!!

Things I have done since the long lost time of my last blog:

-Architecture stuff
-Driven home
-Went to a Muse concert
-Driven back to Austin on a monday morning. In time to be early for my 10:00 class
-Architecture stuff
-Saw Grindhouse
-Turned in my first college paper. I got an 88 yay!
-Driven home
-Then to Smithville
-Then to Austin because I left my mountain bike shoes at home
-Bought new mountain bike shoes
-Then back to Smithville
-Then back to Austin
(That was a busy saturday)
-Raced my first collegiete mountain bike race, did ok
-Architecture stuff
-Did a road ride on my mountain bike. That will be a fun story for tomorrow's edition of my blog

And I have a pictures and stories and stuff, but those will have to wait as I'm about to go see The Last Vegas.

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