Saturday, September 15, 2007

Home (phones)

Let's start with thursday:

Wednesday night I hung out with Andrew and Fawley. They convinced me to race the crit on thursday. I did. Suprisingly after three weeks without riding I pulled of a top ten finish (read: tenth) in the 3/4 race. Seems walking about a mile a day isn't too bad for excercise.

Friday I drove home, got all hyper listening to music while driving for four hours, got home, chilled with the parentals for a few minutes, then went to go see all the band people at a football game. Being all hyper from the driving made that even more crazy! Seeing people, blah blah blah everyone tells me to come to the after party, so I acquiesce and go for further chillage.

After more seeing people, I get a phone call, which brings me to the start of the main point of this blog: it says Private Caller, and since I don't know who it is, I ask who wants to answer my phone for me. Jackie grabs it and says "Allo? You have wrong number, please call again later" and hangs up.

Now lets analyze that sentance. Why would you tell someone to call back if they have a wrong number? Hmm. I still don't know who it was, so hopefully it was nothing important...

Anyway, that brings me to today. Fast forward through eating breakfast with the parentals, watching mTV, and eating lunch. Alright, now I'm chilling with people again. Fast forward some more... Jackie gets a text from Zhilwan that none of us quite know what to think of, or how to respond to. Since she answered my phone last night, she agrees to let me take care of that message for her. The entire conversation* follows (my part is in bold):

"Hey sexy beast, what's up?"
"Who dis is? How u get my numba? Ima call da cops on u!!"
"Chill out Jackie; it's Zhilwhan."
"Who dis Jaky is? How u get my numba bitch? Da pigs is on dey way!"
--After about on hour we decide I should let him know it was me--
"Just kidding about the cops. It's Kyle by the way."
--A few hours later--
"Hey Kyle when you said the cops were coming, a cop came into the store right after I got the text."

*Most punctuation, grammer, and spelling has been edited for ease in reading / making sense of the conversation.

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