Friday, September 28, 2007


Most people know already know it, but I'm a big time believer in the whole optimism/luck thing. This being said, I'm pretty sure that today included the most amazing proof that this works.

Last night after the crit I got back to the parking garage and started unloading my stuff. About half way through the process I noticed that my sunglasses had fallen onto the floorboard and decided it would be wise to move them so my car didn't get broken into. I finished unloading and went up to my room. When I got there I realized I hadn't brought my sunglasses with me, nor could I remember where I had ended up moving them to. Normally I would have gone back to check to make sure I hadn't done something stupid, but last night I really needed to get to finishing my architecture project, so I chose to rush off and do that, hoping for the best that no one woud break into my car to get my sunglasses.

Tonight, about 25 hours later, I went to my car to move it to the other garage, since there is a home game this weekend. When I got there and got out of my car, I found my sunglasses sitting on the roof of my car where I had left them.

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