Sunday, September 9, 2007


The Weekend
8:30 - Wake up and take shower
9:30 - Begin working on projects in architecture studio
12:00 - Finish 2 out of 3 simutaneous projects, decide the 3rd can wait until next week

12:40 - Go to lunch with people from the other studio I've never met before
12:45 - Discover Chik-fil-a is closed, go to Wendy's instead
1:15 - go back to studio and brag about being done
1:50 - Meet Bo to play Guitar Hero
2:40 - Get bored and go to toy store, buy the most insane thing ever!!

3:30 - Meet the Bud Light Girls at 7-11. But we aren't 21 so we can't get free hats ) :
3:50 - Play more Guitar Hero
6:15 - Turn on the UT/TCU game since we couldn't get tickets
7:20 - Get food and move to Bo's room to finish watching the game
7:50 - Start browsing the interwebs, and only periodically check the score
9:45 - Sara comes over after the game is over
10:05 - Paul calls (he came down from TCU with the band and is staying the night) so we can meet him
10:30 - We find Paul and go back to Bo's room
10:40 - Obviously, finding a party is the correct course of action
11:00 - Start walking to West Campus; after numerous phone calls we discover the only party is at BXO, the asian frat. But it's "casual" so we can all go...
11:20 - Partake in party-like activities
12:50am - Leave party to go somewhere
12:55am - Sara decides queso and pancakes sound good, so we head towards to Kerbey Lane Cafe
1:25am - Amazing queso and pancakes ensue
2:00am - We walk Sara back to her dorm, then head off to ours
2:15am - We run into some upperclassmen, and have a competition to see who can get the radar speed detector thing to read the highest by running down the street. I tie for second with 14mph
2:30am - Bedtime
7:30am - I wake up and decide to sleep more
10:00 - I wake up, take a shower and do calculus homework
12:30 - I go to Andrew's to get a copy of his house key
1:30 - I get back and chill in my room
2:40 - I call Bo and we decide to meet at the co-op in about 30 minutes
2:45 - I decide I really want a muffin, and go to get one. There aren't any at the store downstairs or at the CVS by the co-op. But I really want a muffin, so I go to 7-11.
3:20 - I get my muffin, and it is an awesome first meal of the day. Bo calls to see where I am and we meet half way between the two places
3:30 - Me and Bo chill / eat pizza / whatever
8:30 - Bo leaves and I watch youtube videos
12:00 - Bedtime, I have classes at 8:00 in the morning... whoo...

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