Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Weekend at Home

Saturday morning Scott called and was like "hey! Wanna go to a Ben Kweller concert in Denton tonight?"
We got there and tickets were sold out, but right as we were getting ready to leave some dude came up and sold us some tickets. They had a face value of $17.50 each. We gave him $34. Do the math.
On our way home we discovered that donut stores aren't open at 2:00am. Odd.

Then Sunday, we went riding before he went back to Houston. Then my mom took me to go shopping, and ended up buying me stuff, which I was not expecting at all. THANKS MOM!!!
Oh yeah, right before we left the power had gone out... But it was back on when we got home, for about 10 minutes. We ate dinner in the dark, then at about 9:15, I convinced my them that going to a movie would be a good idea, since it's cold in theatres.We got back home at about 11:30, and the power was still off. I went to bed, and sometime between 2:00am and 6:00am they had fixed it.

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