Friday, August 31, 2007


So today I spent about six hours playing with cardboard; playing meant to mean cutting, assembling, dissasembling, folding, reassembling, etc. About the time I started thinking "wow, this really feels like kindergarten, not college" one of the girls in my group said "wow, this is just like kindergarten, but with sharp objects." Too bad we didn't get to cut the string ourselves back in the days of making necklaces out of noodles, because then it would be the same thing all over again. Except with no necklaces. Or noodles. You know what I mean.

Also "awesome" is that only three hours of this work was actually during a "class." Everything I heard about architecture seems to be true: I was in the building from 9-5, for my 10-1 class.

Now I'm going to go move my car to another parking garage so it doesn't get towed tonight. Then i have absolutely nothing to do. Until tomorrow at nine, when there's more architecture work to do. Awesome.

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