Thursday, May 28, 2009

X-Bar + Summer Plans

After almost two weeks...

I originally hadn't planned on racing X-Bar, but when I ended up doing good in the series, those plans got all messed up. I had to drive out to the race Saturday night, because I had an awesome final earlier that day, but it had rained that day, so I probably wouldn't have gotten a pre-ride in anyway.
Because of the rain the course was shortened too, but they upped the laps, making the race about the same distance. For whatever reason though, it was nice to have the shorter course.
By Sunday the trail was mostly dry, but there were a couple places where water was still seeping out the side of hills that made for some interesting climbs. Still wasn't bad though. My class was small, and between the conditions and everyone being a little tired from the long season (I assume / I know I was at least) we actually stayed mostly together for the entire first (of four) laps. It started to split up a little after that though, and by half way through the race, me and Matthew had a couple minutes on everyone else. I followed him around for the third lap, and on the last lap started planning out where to get in front to hopefully get one last W for the season.
I went to make my move towards the end of a long jeep road section with about 2.5 miles of mostly singletrack to the finish. I stood up, and my rear tire went flat...
I grabbed my CO2, hoping that I wouldn't have to change a tube and would be able to catch back up. And of course, my inflater didn't work. I started hiking down the trail, hoping I was far enough of the other guys to somehow still finish in the money, but that didn't work out so good either. Oh well, it was a good race while it lasted.

Luckily, I had my overall result for the season locked up before the race, so flatting out didn't make any difference there. I had no intention of it happening going into the season, but somehow I ended up winning the series! Thanks to Chris, Eric, Matthew, and everyone else for a great race season, I hadn't had that much fun racing in quite a while!

Pics or it didn't happen!


Anywho, now that the season is over, and I've taken 1.5ish weeks off, it's time to start getting ready for the National Championships in July!

I got back on the bike for the Tuesday Night Crits this week, and considering the time off I had a pretty good race. Followed that up with a singlespeed ride yesterday... But this weekend is when the real fun starts:
On Sunday, I'm flying to Colorado with Will and family to train at altitude and in the same area Nationals will be for the entire month of June. It'll mostly be riding, but we will be hitting up a few races while we're up there, mostly the local Aspen Cycling Club series and the National Series race at Sand Creek. I've heard rumors that I'll get to race against Lance in a couple weeks!

Well, that seems like more than enough writing for now, I'll make an attempt at updating pretty often while I'm up in the 970! Check the Twitter as well, I'll actually be making use of it too!

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