Wednesday, May 6, 2009

UT Race Weekend

Studio is "done" for the semester, only minor things here and there to do, like taking pictures of all my work, and then finding somewhere to put it for the summer. (The review went good, thanks for asking.) Thus, I have pretty much nothing to do for the next week, so I can finally get this thing caught up!

Anywho, some number of weekends ago (I lost count in the end of the semester rush - I didn't even realize it was a new month until today...) was the final collegiate road race of the year. Seeing ass this was the home race, and I had kind of skipped out on most of the other collegiate racing this season, and that there wasn't a mountain bike race to attend, I figured I owed it to the team to actually participate in all of the events.

Early-ish Saturday was a road race that was supposed to be ~65 miles. Except someone can't seem to do math and it ended up really being around 75. For the four out of sixteen people that finished it, anyway. Yes, I was one of the quitters... I rode two out of six laps and decided fighting the 35 mile an hour winds by myself was just not quite as much fun as it seems like it would be...

After that great success, we had to sit around eat lunch for a couple hours, and "get ready" for the Team Time Trial. After some discussion and math, we concluded that it didn't matter what place we finished, and none of us were that interested in trying to win anyway, but as long as we were there, we might as well participate. Pictures will probably say more than words about this one... Compare:



Yeah. We had the slowest time. Our C team almost caught us.

And then, there was a crit on Sunday!
It wasn't anything special. I got pulled like half way through.

Thats it for this one. I'll type up a Lake Lake report sometime tomorrow-ish.

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