Sunday, May 10, 2009

Camera Phone Fun Time

So, I keep taking pictures on my phone of (usually) things that make me laugh, with the intention of posting them so everyone else can laugh too. Somewhere along the way though, that ends up not happening.
However, with nothing else to do, I finally managed to get all the pictures to my computer, and now they are making it to a blog post! Enjoy! (Click on them and a bigger version will open up, if you're having problems seeing the details.)

Tired of the same old, boring, beige car? Nothing some bright-colored circle-shaped magnets can't fix! Your car won't look stupid at all!

Parking like a pro.

You know you're in the middle of nowhere when:

Can we get some of these for our apartment next year?!? PLEASE!!!

Parking like a pro, take two.

"Yeah, mom, I got my helmet."
"I'm 35, mom, you don't tell me when to be home for dinner."

I want that!


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