Saturday, February 23, 2008


Meh, not too bad. I got dropped with about 10ish miles to the finish. But up until then I felt really good. You know the drill, I was up in the second echelon, then I was off the back and stuff.

Stupid cross-winds. Actually, I can't really blame those. No excuses this time.

But I've never had a good race at Walburg - two years ago I got a flat about a mile from the finish, last year I didn't even hang for the first lap... I guess I'm getting better.

Pace Bend tomorrow always seems to go good though.


aka Kathy said...

Forgot to ask - did you use the Zipps? That could be real fun in the cross-wind!

Kyle J. said...

Yup. The wind wasn't as bad as last year though - the race started with none at all - so it could've been worse.