Sunday, February 10, 2008

Best Buy

Today I went to Best Buy with the intent of buying some cds and playing Guitar Hero on the demo thing to show off. The cds worked out good, the GH playing not so much. Best Buy should invest in some plastic guitars that aren't missing pieces and function properly. Still, I got 4 or 5 new high scores on their game; but no one that came to watch hug around too long...

Last night I got back to campus and while I was waiting around in front of the dorm for a parking space to open up, I took a little time to go drive in a circle around campus instead of just sitting there. For whatever reason a cop started following me around. This got annoying pretty fast, especially after he made a left out of a right only lane to keep behind me. I considered going in circles around the stadium to see how long he would follow me, but decided it would be more fun to pull into a parking space, let him go by, then pull back out and follow him. So I did. That was cool until he made another illegal turn and I had to go the right direction.

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