Sunday, February 3, 2008


The crit went good, the road race not so much. Before I get into detail, a few things I learned this weekend:

-Crashes generally happen somewhere besides the front of the pack, making that the best place to be
-Don't eat at the school cafeteria before a race
-Don't use deep dish wheels when the race is going to have crazy crosswinds

The crit went smooth until the last lap when there were three crashes within the last half mile. I avoided them all, but got seperated from the front of the pack and couldn't catch up. I scored a 24th, so that isn't too bad.
The road race: I ate at the school cafeteria before, and go figure, I felt rather sick throughout the race, eventually leading up to me being dropped and skipping the last lap. Using the Zipps wasn't terrible, but I probably would have been better off with the Ksyriums.

I'm going to go buy some cereal and oatmeal at half time so I can have better races next weekend!

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Chris said...

Are you racing in Castroville next weekend?