Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Weather

It was pretty chilly this morning. Especially at 6:45 when I walked to studio to work on some stuff before class started. It was early too. But mostly cold. And Appearantly it is supposed to get colder tomorrow, warm up a little for the weekend, and then get down to like, freezing by Thanksgiving?! I'm kind of excited for this; it's been hot for way too long.

I need new flip flops.
That was really random.
But stuff is on sale next friday! Yay fighting crowds at the mall!! Also, yay for getting to start on Christmas shopping! 39 days as of today!

Oh! And I need to help the AJ pick out a new truck too! More excitement!

I'm going to read my architecture book some, then fall asleep, then wake up, then go to studio, then lunch and band, and then do other stuff! Woo!

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