Thursday, November 1, 2007

Two Hundred and Forty

That really didn't seem to be that big of a number. At least until I had to cut that many rectangles out of chipboard anyway... I wish I had a picture of the pile, but of course I forgot to take one. In order to make up for that I will post another picture instead:

Yay awesome Halloween costume!

Yesterday was so crazy.

Me and Bo went to the Wind Ensemble concert, which was quite impressive. Then we ate, put on costumes, and went down to 6th street to meet a bunch of other people. We got there and joined the crowd. Of like 8000 other people. There isn't much exaggeration there, in fact, there might not be any at all, I'm not quite sure though. It was insane.

I started to list some of the best costumes, but it was taking too long to describe some of them, so whatever. It's something that is much better if you actually experiaence it anyway.

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aka Kathy said...

Go Speed Racer, Go!