Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm back

Well, after a few days of not getting to do anywhere close to everything I wanted to, I'm back to Austin and in the process of unpacking everything. I suppose i'll have to get caught up on all of my Dallas activities winter break. Which is already less than two weeks away. Well, except for finals... I'll have to come back down here a couple times after break "starts." Whatever...

I wonder if my cheese is still any good. I should probably check that out. It should be.

Anyway, score two for black friday shopping! A $50 jacket and a $50 pair of jeans - I paid a total of $30!

And then on my way back here I saw a van on fire in the middle of the median!

I decided that to bring a little something else into the blog, and maybe to help me update it more often, I'm going to introduce a section that goes along with every update. Yes, that's right! I'm going to have (you guessed it!) a RANDOM QUOTE OF THE DAY!! Possibly with, but maybe without additional commentary, which will be added as I see fit.

As for the inagural RANDOM QUOTE OF THE DAY!!

"This sign says what to do if the elevator stops working while you're inside it. That leads me to wonder what you should do while the elevator stops working while you aren't inside it..."

-Some old guy in the elevator

We all just looked at him like he was stupid. I think that was very fitting.

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