Thursday, August 6, 2009

Post #325

Or, a little bit of everything.

I haven't been riding too much since nationals, but it's starting to pick up again. There is a DORBA race this weekend before I head back to Austin for the fall semester and I'm going to give racing singlespeed a shot. I rode the course yesterday and it seemed pretty good. At a pretty easy pace anyway. We'll see how the race goes, might be interesting.

A week or two ago I took a trip to Austin to help Joseph move into our apartment. It took a couple trips to get his junk over, and then we made a Home Depot / IKEA run, and on top of our 55" TV from Craigslist, have just about everything we're going to need:

Living room set up

Better shot of the rug

Table #1

Table #2 (we still need red/white checkerboard tablecloths...)

Trash can of awesome

Me and the AJ have been putting some more work into the '57 too, and the front end is starting to come along:

Maybe it'll be finished sometime in the next couple years...

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zero said...

dude, that rug is feng-shui-squared!!!