Saturday, August 16, 2008

Movin' In

Thursday I drove back down to Austin with the familia. Pictures can be found here.

Since then it's been building furniture, unpacking bags, buying more furniture, building it, unpacking more stuff... You get the idea.

I'm suprised how tiring moving in turned out to be. This morning I half-conciously decided to skip the ride I was supposed to go on (sorry Chris)to sleep in some.

But now I'm done with all that, and in dire need of doing something else. Like riding. Too bad the forecast says rain all day tomorrow... Oh well, I think it was worth it:

Looking in from the doorway

Sitting at my desk

Sitting on my couch/bed


aka Kathy said...

Looks good!

Dad said...

So how does the bed open with a table full of beer bottles in front of it.

Chris said...

Nice. Why open the bed if you have beer, anyways?