Monday, August 18, 2008

Just Chillin'

It's kind of strange how little there is to do when I don't have class, or work, or furniture to build, or anything else to do.

Yesterday I went with a few people and did a four hour ride to pretty much Bastrop and back. Turns out we got nearly 70 miles in!
Then I went to Target to take back the coffee maker it turns out I didn't need to buy, and got a toaster insead. Chris and Joseph came with me to make a few purchases too. Let's just say I've never seen anyone else take quite so long to pick out which floor cleaner they want...

Then me and Joseph went back to his penthouse to chill and met one of his roomates. The guy is so hardcore from China that he has been in the US a total of less than a week!

Today I slept in and have yet to do anything really. Awesome.

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