Saturday, August 23, 2008


The Hotter'n Hell 100 was today. It went alright - would have been mucho better if I had shown up to the start on time, rather than a minute late...

I tried to catch the pack for about 10-15 minutes, but gave up and decided to make it a "time trial" and see how fast I could do the 100 miles by myself.
At about mile 25, I decided that was a really stupid idea too, and jumped in one of the fast rally packs that had a few people I knew in it.

At about mile 70, we caught up to the Cat 4s (I actually started in front of them, but they passed me after I stopped chasing. There is a picture somewhere that looks like I'm pulling the pack around, but it's actually them catching me.) Since the majority of the people in the pack I was in at this point were not racing, we couldn't pass them, but they did provide good entertainment (like, 3 crashes before the finish... Hey! Thats like a crash every 10 miles!) They didn't ride too terribly slow either, so it wasn't too bad.

Overall though, it wasn't a bad ride - I finished without having to stop, and I beat people - so, it technically qualifies as a success! Yay!


"Did you watch any of the olympic track racing? It was crazy when they would slam on the brakes and come to almost a complete stop!"

(During the crit) "I heard they're doing five thousand laps!"

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