Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Day After

This morning I still felt really bad about quitting yesterday, but after seeing Wheel win his race, and watching the pro guys, somehow I don't feel quite as guilty. Interesting.
Anywho, I've decided that this training thing I've been attempting for the last month or so is actually worth it, so the plan is for that to keep happening, and hopefully I'll still be able to make it to races after classes start. And do good too. Can't forget about that part of the plan. I've got to train, go to races, and do good. It's been a while since that's really happened, I guess that crap I called a race yesterday would be the cause of this. Otherwise, it sure sounds good.

Like I said, Wheel is the new 13-14 men national champion. The A.J. had a bad race, but still ended up 17th... Not bad, but not anything to wrote home about either. Adam Craig won the pro race, Jeramiah Bishop got 2nd, the Seven Cycles guy finshed 3rd, JHK got 4th, and some other guy got 5th...

Driving home starts en la manana. I'll be home in 3 days. Hopefully.

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