Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bay Model

Since Tuesday I put almost 100 hours and $300 into the most intense model I'm going to have to build the entire time I'm in school. Maybe in my entire architecture career.

Between Saturday morning and today the only times I went outside* were to walk to the art store, places to get food, or if I was going home to take a nap and change clothes**. I had no concept of what day it was, or even what time it was. I pretty much based my schedule around going home for a nap while it was still dark outside, and going back whenever 3 hours later was. The result was worth it though, if I do say so myself.

*Save an hour break for the Girl Talk concert ON CAMPUS!

**Yeah, I didn't take a shower between Friday night and Tuesday morning. Yeah, that's gross, I'm quite aware, thanks.

First pieces

Starting to go together

Doesn't count until you bleed on it

Wood floor



I got columns, yo.

Comin' together

More beams

For the suspended walkway


And a song to finish off the day:
'There are Some Remedies Worse Than the Disease' This Will Destroy You

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aka Kathy said...

**Since you were around people that were probably in similar modes of hygiene, I'm sure it didn't matter to them.