Friday, June 5, 2009

Mo' CO

The last couple days haven't been much different than what I talked about in the last post, just riding and chilling and whatnot.
Except for Wednesday, when we had our first race of the trip - a Hill Climb Time Trial up Smuggler Mountain. The course was a 3 mile jeep road with about 800 feet of elevation gain. The course record set in 1999 is 10' 53" and as much as I would have liked to break it, I wasn't (and still haven't quite gotten) used to the higher altitude. I made it up in 15' 10" without being able to breathe for most of the time I was riding, so that can't be too terrible. That put me in 17th out of 23. After I get used to this whole riding in the mountains thing, I think I'll go try again to see if I can do any better!

I haven't taken the real camera with me on any rides yet (will for sure on Sunday, it looks like there will be some pretty sweet scenery), so here's a crappy AWESOME cell phone picture from Tuesday's ride:

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